Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Baby shower for two

A couple of weekends ago, my friends and I hosted a baby shower for Dionne, a friend of ours from work. It turned out to be a cute little shower and Dionne got some of the things she needed for those TWO boys she's expecting in just a few short weeks... and check out how fabulous she looks! We love you, Dionne - I can't wait to meet those sweet baby boys!
The Spread

Visiting with friends

Dionne, Amaya and the Hostesses

A banner I made to celebrate those precious boys!

My smarty pants musician

Isaac is becoming quite the expert sitter upper these days, which has made play time so much fun. He loves his stacking rings and has recently discovered that he can clap the rings together to make noise just like Mommy and Daddy have shown him. He and Brandon were practicing this skill just the other day, and Isaac was even clapping the rings together the same number of times as Brandon. What a little smarty pants we have on our hands. :)

Playing in my room

These blocks are awesome!I did it... I picked it up, Mommy!
This thing is so cool.

My Daddy is so fun.

Isaac has also become a huge fan of music. His absolute favorite thing is singing. He can be instantly calmed with the most ridiculous of Mommy or Daddy's made up songs. He especially loves the silly songs I sing to him during bath time. Sometimes I even manage to work a rhyme or two into the mix! Much to Cooper's shagrin, Isaac loves the piano almost as much as he loves singing. It's so much fun to sit at the piano and "play" together. He really gets into it, working his chubby little hands up and down the pearly whites, moving to the music and putting in a rest here and there for dramatic effect. I hope that his love of music continues to grow and that he will become a little musician in his own right- whatever his instrument of choice may be. It is in his blood, afterall...
This song is so easy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter weekend

We spent Easter at my parents house, and the entire Rhodes clan was in attendance! It was the first time that my brother and his family were able to meet Isaac, so it was very exciting for us. I had so much fun getting to visit with everyone and see my niece and nephews that I only get to see a precious few times each year. We had an Easter egg hunt, which was really fun, and also did Ressurection Eggs with the kids before bed on Saturday night. I loved both, and intend to make both traditions with Isaac. We also took advantage of my parents gorgeous backyard and took individual family and full Rhodes family pictures. YAY! Thanks so much, Ben and Mel, for making the trek from Minneapolis to B'ville for Easter weekend!! Thanks, also, to Mike and Steph for making the trip from OKC. Thanks, Mom, for spoiling us with your cooking and for managing to find a place for all of us to sleep! We had so much fun. :)

Ben, Melissa, Madelyn and Greyson

Mike, Stephanie and Sam

Grandad, Grandmama, and all the grandkids
Must find more eggs!!

YAY!! Easter eggs!!

Sweet Sam finds some eggs, too!