Thursday, June 25, 2009

Isaac's room: A work in progress!

Work on Isaac's actual room has officially begun. Brandon and I finished up his furniture a while back. We sanded, primed, painted and polyurethaned it. It turned out great! You'd never know how little we spent on it. :)
My favorite part of the nursery project thus far has been painting the room. You know how it is when you picture something in your head and hope that it turns out as great in real life as it looks in your mind? Well the paint in Isaac's room did just that! Brandon did a great job of mapping out all of the stripes on the wall so that we could get busy taping off the first set of stripes: the dark brown ones. There were more of these than any other stripe, so we figured we'd get them over with first. We also knew that the brown stripes touched just about every other color on the walls, so they would be a good guide for the rest of them. I'm really thankful that we made this decision, because as we pulled the tape away from the brown stripes, we were also pulling paint off the wall! Needless to say, we didn't tape any of the other stripes... we free handed them. You'd never know, though - they turned out beautifully. I'm so happy with the way the paint turned out that I find myself stopping in the doorway to admire it just about every time I pass by his room. I know that Isaac will never care about the paint on the walls, but for Brandon and I, his room has been a labor of love and a joy to work on. We're super excited to see how it looks with his bedding and curtain in place that Grandmama is making for him . Yet another labor of love for this special little man!

The infamous tape

One stripe down, two to go...

Cooper getting in on the action.

Only one more stripe left!

Voila! Stripes to perfectly match the bedding fabric.

The "chair rail" and half-wall of green.

Refinished night stand alongside the oh-so-comfy rocker.

Refinished dresser.

We'll eventually get that mirror on the wall. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time with the fam

Brandon and I returned from Petit Jean, my annual family reunion, followed by more time with my family in Bartlesville. It was GREATNESS! Petit Jean is always such a wonderful time to catch up with family - immediate and extended. We enjoy playing games together, chatting, eating and, of course, laughing. I always love the way my husband enjoys the reunion just as much as I do. Brandon keeps himself super busy playing tennis, basketball, softball, hiking swimming and anything else "the boys" are doing together. Here are some pictures from this year's hike to the falls and the softball game. With all the rain Arkansas had before we arrived, the falls were really beautiful!
Petit Jean State Park Falls

Another picture of the Falls, with Mike showing us the scale...

The hike back home.

Our boys at the softball game.

I must admit that one of my favorite things about Petit Jean these days is getting to see our nieces and nephews from my side of the family. We only get to see them a few times a year since our homes are so spread out, so I cherish every moment I have with them, as well as my siblings and parents.

Madelyn, Grayson and Uncle Brandon at the playground.

Stephanie, Sam and Mike in the pool... how cute!

What a FACE!! :)

My Mom is always really good about getting a family picture of us when we're all together, which I really appreciate. This year she bought all of us matching shirts, so I'm excited to see how the pictures turned out! Here's a picture that Jeremy took of just "the kids" that turned out pretty cute. Don't worry about Mike's eyes being closed... that's the way he likes to take pictures. Just kidding, Mike! :P

Is that a good looking group of people or what? Next year, we'll have another good-looking face to add to the Petit Jean family picture. Isaac is only 14 more weeks away!!!