Thursday, June 25, 2009

Isaac's room: A work in progress!

Work on Isaac's actual room has officially begun. Brandon and I finished up his furniture a while back. We sanded, primed, painted and polyurethaned it. It turned out great! You'd never know how little we spent on it. :)
My favorite part of the nursery project thus far has been painting the room. You know how it is when you picture something in your head and hope that it turns out as great in real life as it looks in your mind? Well the paint in Isaac's room did just that! Brandon did a great job of mapping out all of the stripes on the wall so that we could get busy taping off the first set of stripes: the dark brown ones. There were more of these than any other stripe, so we figured we'd get them over with first. We also knew that the brown stripes touched just about every other color on the walls, so they would be a good guide for the rest of them. I'm really thankful that we made this decision, because as we pulled the tape away from the brown stripes, we were also pulling paint off the wall! Needless to say, we didn't tape any of the other stripes... we free handed them. You'd never know, though - they turned out beautifully. I'm so happy with the way the paint turned out that I find myself stopping in the doorway to admire it just about every time I pass by his room. I know that Isaac will never care about the paint on the walls, but for Brandon and I, his room has been a labor of love and a joy to work on. We're super excited to see how it looks with his bedding and curtain in place that Grandmama is making for him . Yet another labor of love for this special little man!

The infamous tape

One stripe down, two to go...

Cooper getting in on the action.

Only one more stripe left!

Voila! Stripes to perfectly match the bedding fabric.

The "chair rail" and half-wall of green.

Refinished night stand alongside the oh-so-comfy rocker.

Refinished dresser.

We'll eventually get that mirror on the wall. :)


  1. Oh Chris, I love the stripes, they look GREAT! And it looks like your furniture turned out really well too. Can't wait to see it all in person. Isaac is going to have one great room!

  2. I am so excited you've joined the Blog world! Now I can keep up with you. I've missed you and by the way the room looks great and you look FABULOUS!!! Can't wait to see pics of Issac!
    Love you

  3. Why have the belly pics been discontinued?

  4. I best be seein some pics of the new bedding soon. I'm just sayin...