Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sheer genious

After Isaac's bath last night, I went to work giving him a much needed nail clipping. Halfway through the task a wiggleworm emerged, anxious to play with the clippers. I held my own until the job was finished - all 20 wriggling fingers and toes - and happily placed the much desired clippers into his chubby little hand. He attempted several times to open them, and upon several failed attempts, asked, "Mama, ahpo?" (translation: Mama, open?). I sat him up after getting him into his PJ's and showed him how to open the clippers on his own. He watched closely and shot me that amazing smile after I showed a couple of times. After our lesson, I continued with the bedtime routine by meticulously combing through his precious head of hair when suddenly he exclaimed, "I did it!".

And he had.

AND he said so, too. Genious. Sheer genious. Sir Isaac himself.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Great Outdoors

We had lots of fun family time in the backyard this weekend. Ok, well, most of it was fun. Several hours of it was spent working in the backyard, pulling weeds, etc. Even Isaac got his hands dirty helping Mama pick up the weeds Daddy had pulled and putting them into the lawn bag. Such a good little helper - anything to go outside! This afternoon was all play and no work - the best kind of outdoor time! Isaac had fun throwing the ball to Cooper and running around the yard while Daddy and I had fun taking pictures of our little man. He's getting to be such a big boy - and it's all happened so quickly. Where did my teeny, tiny little baby go? My baby is now running, jumping, talking and even going to the potty like a big boy! And did I mention that he's adorbale? Just thought I'd throw that in there. :) Here are a few pictures of our little - I mean, big - boy in action. Enjoy!
Ready to help Daddy with yard work

Looking for my receiver...


That smile just melts me...

Throwing the ball to Cooper

and to Mama.

Posing for the camera


Mastering that big step

That's all for now, folks...

Dear Lord, thank you so much for our precious little boy. Thank you for the joy of each and every day you allow us to spend with him and to know him better. He is an immeasurably valuable gift from You - one that I promise to cherish always.