Sunday, October 24, 2010

The pumpkin patch

Brandon, Isaac and I, along with most of Brandon's family, made a visit last Sunday to the pumpkin patch in Flower Mound. It was great fun! When we got there, all of us got to enjoy a beautiful train ride after which we chowed down on a picnic lunch. After lunch, we enjoyed walking around and looking at the various halloween attractions before heading back home. I look forward to visiting again next year!
Most of the Grandkids... we miss you, Bella!

Enjoying the train ride

I am so adorable...

That was FUN!!

Look, Mom... there's a pumpkin over there!

Karley found one to take home with her.

Told you I'm adorable...

We're looking forward to next year's visit!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Isaac's First Birthday!

It seems like only yesterday that I blogged about the adventures of Isaac's delivery, the absolute joy of his much aniticpated arrival, the awe I felt in laying eyes on him for the first time and the excitement of bringing him to the home we had so lovingly prepared for him. I can hardly believe that our first year with him has come and gone. It's been such an amazing thing to watch him grow from a newborn so in need of his parents tender loving care, to a one year old that crawls almost as quickly as we can walk, loves to throw a ball back and forth and adds more and more words to his little vocabulary each day. It is incredible, to say the least, to watch them learn all about the things that surround them. It's extraordinary to see the world through a child's eyes... to get excited about a bird or a balloon, a ball or a book. And, until you've experienced all of these remarkable changes and discoveries through the life and eyes of your own children, you can never truly appreciate the staggering amount of growth they undergo and the vast amount of knowledge they acquire in a year's time. I feel so incredibely fortunate that the Lord chose me to be Isaac's mother. He is the most amazing little boy... full of smiles, laughter, dancing and high-fives. He is the most precious of things in my earthly life. I will always strive to be the mother he deserves and the mother that the Lord would have me to be. Lucky for me (and him!), I've been blessed with a pretty fantastic mother of my own, who has been the greatest of role models for me in this oh-so-important job of mine.

In order to properly commemerate Isaac's first year of life, we did the only thing we could... we threw him a party! It was a wonderful gathering of family and friends in which we enjoyed some good ol' American fare and the pleasure of each other's company. Many of the people in attendance traveled sizeable distances in order to celebrate Isaac's birthday with him and, for that, we are forever greatful. While Isaac probably won't remember the day that we all gathered together in order to honor and celebrate his first birthday, Brandon and I will always cherish the day and the memories you had a hand in helping us to create. Thank you so much for loving our Isaac and celebrating his first birthday with us!


Cupcakes a plenty

Birthday banner made by Mom with love

In line for grub

Melissa and Conner

Corey smiles for the camera

The Cat in the Hat! (aka Daniel)

Adorable Hunter

Sweet Sam

Aunt Patsy and Brenner

Aunt Karen, Grandpa, Mark & Karley

Uncle Eric & Aunt Julie

Sam helps open presents

Excited about all the new stuff!

Playing with the loot

I LOVE my new teddy bear!

Dylan, Karley, Audrey and Mark pull Sam

Isaac's new piano!

"Happy Birthday To You!"

Mmm... frosting....

Wait a minute... this isn't frosting!


Looking forward to many more birthday celebrations with you, my sweet...