Sunday, March 27, 2011

Potty humor

As Isaac sat on his potty yesterday (yes! really! potty training already!), he became anxious to get off and walk around. Not having finished his... um... "business".... yet, I began trying to distract him with other things. Our conversation was as follows:

"Isaac, where's your nose?". He pointed right to his nose.

"That's right, Isaac! Where is your ear?". Wiggles his ear.

"There's your ear! Now show me - where is your mouth?". Says mouth and puts his hand over his mouth.

"Good job, Isaac! Can you show Mommy where your hair is?". Isaac rubs his hand over his hair.

"You're such a smart boy, Isaac. Can you show Mommy your cheeks?". Isaac reaches behind his back, touches his tushy and says "boo-chis". (translation: booty cheeks)

Needless to say, roaring laughter ensued! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kate Elizabeth Pruitt

Last weekend, the fam made the trek up to Oklahoma City for a very important meeting with our newest niece, Kate! I could hardly wait to get my hands on this precious baby girl. She is just gorgeous and such a sweetie pie. Very content. She even woke up long enough for us to get some pictures of her with her beautiful little eyes wide open. Stephanie is doing so well this time around - moving about like a champ, looking beautiful and glowing with pride over her new daughter. Congratulations, Mike and Stephanie!

Sweet, sweet smile.

Isaac loving on his baby cousin

And, in true Isaac fashion, has to give her a kiss, too!

Proud Daddy with his new baby girl.

Isn't she lovely?

Already working on those choir vowels

Looks so much like her Daddy!

Miss Kate

I love you, Miss Kate. I can't wait to get to know you better!!

Bo's Wedding

Two weekends ago, my cousin - whom we have always called Bo - got married. It was a simple ceremony and a beautiful reception in which we enjoyed good food, family, laughter and the celebration of the joining of Bo and Reyna's lives as husband and wife. The next day, it was also my Grandad's 72nd birthday, which made the weekend even more special! Brandon and I were lucky to have Grandad and my cousin, Jacob, stay the night with us Saturday after the wedding. Brandon made his famous pancakes, bacon and eggs for the birthday boy - another wonderful time with family. Check out the pictures!
Bo, the handsome groom
The happy couple, Bo and Reyna
Grandmother and the groom
Dinner by candlelight
Jacob and Lily
The fam... well, some of us!
One, two, three hunks, oh ladies! Jacob, TJ and Sam
Aunt Leah and Uncle Todd
Isaac just loves Jacob - and his phone! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011


Wow. I can't even remember the last time I blogged. I suppose I'm officially suffering from a blogging slump... aka blump. I don't have anything specific to blog about tonight, just thought that I would share a few updates on Isaac.

1. Isaac seriously plays up to the camera. It's sooo funny. You'll see what I mean shortly.
2. Isaac is talking... a lot. He seems to learn a new word just about every day. His newest word is bus (with more of a "sh" sound at the end than an "s"). He gets very excited every day to find a bus on the way to his sitter's house. We have fun spotting them together - and I have fun watching the huge smile come across his face, and hearing him say "buh-sh"! Makes me smile just thinking about it. And, my favorite of his new words is "Amen". He says it just about every night after we finish his bed-time prayer. Man am I lucky...
3. Isaac is running, climbing, and is beginning to ooze personality. He has quite the funny streak, too, and appreciates our humor. I always knew I was funny!
4. Isaac is - and I promise I'm not just speaking out of bias - the sweetest, most compassionate little boy ever. When I dropped him off on Wednesday morning, he promptly walked in and gave hugs to the two other kiddos that were already there. This was totally unprovoked. Anjie (his sitter) and I just looked at each other with that "Aw!" look. He just loves everyone and isn't afraid to show it. According to Anjie, he also hugs on the babies if they cry. And he LOVES his cousins, Mark and Karley, who also stay with Anjie during the day. They are always hugging each other, which is so special to me. I love that he's growing up knowing them and getting to spend so much time with them.
Ok, ok... here are the pictures! :)

Pose #1 (with my post-yogurt hair)
Pose #2
Laughing at my previous poses..
Like my new toy? Can you believe I found this gem in the garage?!

Whoa... I am SO tall.