Sunday, March 27, 2011

Potty humor

As Isaac sat on his potty yesterday (yes! really! potty training already!), he became anxious to get off and walk around. Not having finished his... um... "business".... yet, I began trying to distract him with other things. Our conversation was as follows:

"Isaac, where's your nose?". He pointed right to his nose.

"That's right, Isaac! Where is your ear?". Wiggles his ear.

"There's your ear! Now show me - where is your mouth?". Says mouth and puts his hand over his mouth.

"Good job, Isaac! Can you show Mommy where your hair is?". Isaac rubs his hand over his hair.

"You're such a smart boy, Isaac. Can you show Mommy your cheeks?". Isaac reaches behind his back, touches his tushy and says "boo-chis". (translation: booty cheeks)

Needless to say, roaring laughter ensued! :)