Monday, March 21, 2011

Bo's Wedding

Two weekends ago, my cousin - whom we have always called Bo - got married. It was a simple ceremony and a beautiful reception in which we enjoyed good food, family, laughter and the celebration of the joining of Bo and Reyna's lives as husband and wife. The next day, it was also my Grandad's 72nd birthday, which made the weekend even more special! Brandon and I were lucky to have Grandad and my cousin, Jacob, stay the night with us Saturday after the wedding. Brandon made his famous pancakes, bacon and eggs for the birthday boy - another wonderful time with family. Check out the pictures!
Bo, the handsome groom
The happy couple, Bo and Reyna
Grandmother and the groom
Dinner by candlelight
Jacob and Lily
The fam... well, some of us!
One, two, three hunks, oh ladies! Jacob, TJ and Sam
Aunt Leah and Uncle Todd
Isaac just loves Jacob - and his phone! :)


  1. Whoa! I don't know if I even knew this was coming! I looks like it went well though. Where was the wedding? Wow.... Bo married. That's awesome.

  2. The wedding was in a hotel in Dallas. It was a very intimate event - only about 50 people there. He seems so happy!