Monday, August 10, 2009

The little Kirklin Boys

This weekend Brandon and I traveled to Longview, Tx to visit Brandon's cousins Phillip and Jeremiah and their brand new babies. Phillip and Jeremiah are brothers, so it's really cool that both of them just had baby boys... and they're only two weeks apart! Phillip and his wife, Dare, are the proud parents of baby Hunter. Hunter was born several weeks early, so he's still a tiny little guy. Hunter is so sweet and cuddly - I couldn't let go of him all weekend. Here are some pictures of sweet little Hunter.

Dare (aka Momma) and Hunter

Jeremiah and Jennifer are the proud parents of baby Brenner. Brenner is one of the most alert babies I've ever seen! His big eyes are always looking around, taking in everything new. He also has the cutest little chubby cheeks - irresistable! Here are some pictures of Brenner.

Look at those big eyes!

Jeremiah (aka Daddy) and Brenner

Christine and Catherine, Phillip and Jeremiah's cousins, also came over on Saturday to meet the babies. Catherine also brought her cutey pie of a little boy, Brilee (I hope I spelled it correctly, Catherine!). We had fun watching him run around and get himself into everything in the house. We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and had fun sharing stories and laughing. Christine, is Mom to two teenagers (even though she still looks 25!), so she had some super-fun parenting stories for us. It was a great time!

Dare, Catherine and Christine

Brilee and his Mom,Catherine

Thanks so much to Phillip and Dare for opening up your home to us this weekend. We love you and look forward to many future family visits with Isaac. Can't wait for Brenner, Hunter and Isaac to grow up together!

And here's the updated belly shot @ 35 weeks. This shirt used to be big on me...


  1. Oh, these babies are so sweet!! What a blessing it will be to have all these cousins born in the same year to be friends.
    Your updated belly shot is so cute! You look like a pregnant movie have been so blessed to have such a healthy pregnancy. I love you, baby mine.

  2. your family has SO many BOYS! Isaac will have lots of cousins to play "army" with! : )
    And you look mighty fab, my friend! that's a great belly shot!