Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tonight's a school night

Tomorrow marks the beginning of another year of school. And, as trying as getting my room and office back in order after a summer of renovations at my school has been, God blessed me with the hands of four of my former students to help me get the job done. I am forever grateful to these kids, who gave up some of the last days of their summer break to help out a teacher at their "old middle school". They'll all be going on to High School this year, and I will miss them deeply. After three years with them, it's hard to watch them go!

While I've had mixed emotions about returning to school and all of the new trials and tribulations I'll be facing "going it alone", the Lord (due to all of your prayers, I'm sure!) has given me a calm spirit about the whole thing. This will be my eighth year to teach MS choir, so the ins and outs are old hat to me now, which is a HUGE advantage for me. My numbers are higher than they've ever been since I've been at the school, which will be a blessing and a curse all at once. Wouldn't you know that the year my assistant gets taken away due to low enrollment, the numbers pop way up in refelection of all the recruiting I've been doing? HA!

And, on the homefront, Isaac is getting to be so much fun! His fun-loving, joyful personality shines a little brighter each day, and he is always a bright light in even my darkest of days. He's starting to say a few words here and there - inlcuding pointing to pictures of himself and saying his name (minus the "c" on the end). Does that make him a genius? His Momma thinks so!!


  1. Definitely a genius, just like his cousins! :) Praying for you! And I love you all SO MUCH!

  2. Of course he's a genius.......A beautiful little genius. Can't wait to see him. I'm praying for you, Baby mine. HUGS & KISSES..
    Momma and Grandmomma