Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello, strangers

I know, I know... I've not blogged in, like, forever. I truly intended to blog a lot over the summer. I planned to blog about our trip to Italy, share lots of pictures of Isaac, etc. Truth be told, I haven't wanted to blog. It's felt like another commitment that I don't really have the time for. But, I finally realized that blogging is not a requirement and sometimes, something's gotta give. So... I took a break. And, now my desire to share has returned... success! You're welcome, Mom. You're welcome. :)

Summer was super busy. And when I say super, I'm really not exaggerating. We only had 2 weekends that were spent at home, so it was actually quite exhausting. But, nonethless, it was WONDERFUL. I so enjoyed our family trip to Italia, our numerous trips to the lake and time with my boys and family. And, while getting out of the house typically involved a trip to the store since it was WAY too hot to play outside, we still managed to play the day away!

Our Isaac is getting to be SO grown up. He's talking up a storm. The process of language acquisition is amazing. He went from communucating with one or two words to four and five word sentences almost over night. And he seems to use new words nearly every day. How is that even possible? Nowadays he's speaking in nearly complete (and grammatically correct!) sentences. Again... amazing. If you don't have a kid, you should really look into it. I highly recommend them. :)

Brandon and I also found out over the summer that we were going to be having another baby! Unfortunately, we lost the baby when we were 10 weeks along. It's been a rough couple of months, but God is good. He has been faithful to answer our prayers throughout this difficult time, and the love and support we've had from both our biological and church families has been a testiment to His faithfulness. My heart and mind are in a much better place than they were with our first miscarriage, which I am incredibely grateful for. While the tears still come from nowhere from time to time, my joy is soundly intact.

Thank you, dear Lord, for carrying us through this difficult time. I know that You are in control and that this is Your Will. I know that You will take better care of our baby than we ever could have.

Okay, so I know you've been waiting for the pictures... I promise it was worth the wait!

Our little comedian
Inside the Basilica

Shoreline of Riomaggiore

Streets of Riomaggiore
Ruins of Ancient Rome

Isaac turned TWO!
Loving on "baby Kake"

Stay tuned!