Sunday, October 4, 2009

My little family and my 30th birthday

My family... these words have a whole new meaning for me now. In the past when I've said "my family", I've been referring to either my immediate family, extended family, or that of my in-laws. Now these words refer to the family that my husband and I have started. I guess we're growing up!

Speaking of my family, here are some pictures of my boys. :)

Our perfect little angel...

Daddy and Isaac

Smiling for Mama

Daddy's whiskers tickle!

Daddy rocks me to sleep.
On another note, I turned 30 last week and had the most wonderful birthday celebration with my family. I'm still not able to get out much, so I wasn't sure what we would do for my birthday. I really didn't expect much since Brandon is talking about having a big 3-0 party when I'm feeling more up to it and Isaac is a bit older. I was very pleasantly surprised when Brandon brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers home with him, along with cards from both him and one from Isaac, both of which made me cry. And then, as I turned to hug my husband to thank him, he surprised me with a gift bag from Zales. Inside was a beautiful sapphire ring - something I've been wanting for years - AND a sapphire necklace and earrings. Oh, and did I mention that we also had sushi for dinner? WOW! Am I lucky or what? A healthy, happy, beautiful baby boy, an amazing husband AND sapphires for my birthday? What did I do to deserve all of this?

My new ring!

Thank you, dear Jesus, for the immeasurable gift of my family. I pray that I will never take them for granted and that I will always remember what a blessing they are to my life.


  1. Your blog posts just make me smile & cry at the same time! I'm so happy for you & yes, you're right... you've been VERY blessed with a wonderful FAMILY! I plan to have a "baby & baby mama date" next week sometime when my schedule settles down for a bit. Hope to see yall soon! :)

  2. oops... this is Heather... apparently on my hubby's profile!! haha

  3. What a precious post. God is so good. In the picture of him in Brandon's lap, entitled 'Daddy's whiskers tickle', Isaac looks JUST LIKE YOU DID when you were about that same age...except that you were covered in neonatal acne, but smiling sweetly just like he is!! Amazing. Thank you, Jesus, for the precious little girl you loaned me 30 years ago, and that you have loaned her a precious little one. Enjoy every second. You will blink and Isaac will be 30 years old. Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Mine. I love you so!
    Isaac's Grandmomma and your Momma

  4. Precious little boy, Christina. I'm glad to see you doing so well. You look happy! Motherhood agrees with you. Isn't having a baby the best?

  5. What a sweet post, Chris! I absolutely LOVE the first picture of Isaac. That's the way he looked when I first got to go peek at him. He is just so precious. I also LOVE the one where Brandon is holding him and he's smiling at you. That one just makes me smile. Love you!

  6. Happy 3oth Chris!!! What a wonderful way to start your 30th's with a "family"! Isaac is a doll baby and so precious! Love the 1st pic. Give him lots of love and kisses!!!