Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good-bye, toothless grin...

Isaac has definitely been displaying the classic signs of teething - buckets of drool and chewing on EVERYTHING, but no teeth yet. Until today. When the tooth is more visible, I'll be sure to post a picture. The crazy thing is that it looks like a second tooth is about ready to make it's way into the open as well. I've gotten more than my fair share of teething bites during our nursing sessions (um... OW!!), so needless to say, I'm a little nervous about teeth actually being in the picture nowadays!
Here are some recent pictures - I just cannot believe what a big boy he's getting to be! These five months have absolutely flown by... I'll cherish them always.

Tolerating tummy time

Who needs toys... I have these things!

I see the bowl... patiently waiting for more...

Leave me alone, I'm watching Hockey.

Yes, that's drool on his chest!

Have you ever seen anything more adorable?


  1. I LOVE your updates about Isaac!! It makes me feel like I'm at least getting a taste of my nephews life. I'm so anxious to see him soon!!! (and everyone else too, of course!)

  2. Yes, this boy is adorable!! That last picture is just too sweet! sorry the teething has come- it's a long process but you can do it! : ) Much love!

  3. He is growing so fast! He's such a handsome little man!!! Teething is not fun, but you can get through it :)

  4. Christina, as the late Steve Irwin would say, "He's a little beauty." (Insert Aussie accent) Really, sooooo cute!! Love, Aunt Lou

  5. Awe, what an adorable, happy little boy. Congratulations, Momma...
    Love, Grandmomma

  6. christina, that baby is precious and getting so big!!!! you need to get on facebook so i can keep up w/ you better!! :)