Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Handy Man

As many of you know, my husband is quite the handy man. He can tackle just about any plumbing, electrical, or construction project out there. We have enjoyed the end result of many of the home improvement projects we've completed. The process, though... now that's a whole other story. We always seem to hit a major bump in the road, turning an hour long project into an all day affair.

Yesterday, Brandon decided to install a four way switch to the hallway outside of our bedroom door. The hallway is perilously dark in the early morning and evening. So dark that our dog has just about taken me down several mornings as I've made my way out of our bedroom. The hallway already has two three way switches in it, so Brandon gathered the necessary wire, junction boxes and switch to tie into the existing wiring to complete the project. It was supposed to be a simple project... until he began cutting wire in the attic, only to find that the existing three way switches had been wired in an unexpected and unconventional way. This "bump"
caused a two hour delay as Brandon and I, and my wonderful father in law, Mark, began muscling our way through analyzing the circuit to deduce how we were going to be able to tie into it and make the new switch work. I'm glad that we were able to figure it out (ok, it was Mark and Brandon... but I was nodding right along!), because the hole for the new switch had already been cut in the sheetrock.

I look forward to the luxury of turning on the hall light as I step outside our bedroom door without worry of tripping over Cooper in the process. Never fear, the new light switch is here! Check out Brandon and Mark in action, as well as the beautiful new light switch.
Toolbelts are all the rage this season...
Almost there....

Voila! C'est fin!


  1. There is NOTHING sexier than a man who can and WILL fix stuff!!

  2. I agree with Mom! :) Way to go, Brandon!