Sunday, March 7, 2010

To my Angel baby...

I have a good friend who recently suffered a miscarriage. Her specialist discovered the loss when she was 13 weeks along but, sadly, the baby had passed during her 8th week of pregnancy. My friend had been stuggling with terrible morning sickness, but had been at work, teaching, every day... running to the restroom in between classes, and doing her best to eat well and stay positive.

When she found out that she would never get to see, hold or love on her baby, she called to tell me the news. She had spoken with family members who had said all of the wrong things to her, trying to "reason" the loss to her rather than grieving the loss alongside her. Since that day, she has confided in me about the things she is feeling and dealing with... things that I remember all too well after my miscarriage. I have done my best to be there for my dear friend. To listen to her, to reassure her that what she's experiencing is normal, to cry with her and to pray over her. The sadness from the loss of a child - even one you've never met - is absolutely excrutiating. I pray that the whole in her heart, the horror of her dreams, and the sea of her tears will blur in the distance of memory as quickly as possible.

Another of my friends recently suffered the loss of her 6 week old baby... a loss I cannot even begin to imagine. She came up to the school to visit last week and shared a poem with my friend that she had received in one of her condolence cards. She shared it with me, as well. The words brought about an eruption of tears, which then brought me to my knees in thanks to my God for choosing me to be Isaac's mother. I do not deserve him, but accept His precious gift with open and grateful arms. I am terribly saddened to know that there are many women out there that experience this loss time and time again, and yet are never afforded their hearts' desire. I pray for you, whomever you are, and share the words with you that were shared with me. I hope that they bring a meaure of closure to your heart, as they did mine.

"A Mother's Love cannot be measured by increments of entire lifetime of love can be squeezed into a few brief miraculous moments when necessary..."


  1. Thank you, Chris... you are right that the hurt and pain "blur in the distance of memory". However, if you look closely, God's hidden blessings even in these circumstances will become more evident as time goes on. Some that I've noticed for me - renewed hope, relationships you hold more closely, His peace and joy that can weather ANY storm... I love you.

  2. Great post, Chris. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child, no matter how young. I love you!