Monday, March 15, 2010

A day in the park

Isaac is getting to be such a big boy and oh - so much fun! This week is Spring Break for Brandon and I, so we actually had the time to do some leisurely things today. While we always have intentions of doing leisurely things on the weekends, we typically wind up cleaning the house, running errands, tackling the laundry, or doing whatever else we've had to leave un-done throughout the work week. So, needless to say, our day of leisure activities was a blast! We went for a long walk and wound up at the neighborhood playground. We'd thought we would take Isaac there to swing for the first time, so we were looking forward to it. Upon arrival at said playground, however, we were overwhelmed by how much the playground.... uh.... sucketh. There wasn't a baby swing. Actually, there wasn't a swing at all! I mean, c'mon... can you really call that a playground?

Here's what Isaac thought of the neighborhood playground:

Once we got home from our walk, I quickly began searching the internet for playgrounds in our area. I found one not too far from the house, so we loaded up the car and headed for the park after lunch. Much to our delight, this playground had many swings, including a baby swing. And, as you can see by the pictures, Isaac loved it! I look forward to going back to the park *many* times this summer. :)

Fun with Mom & Dad in the Park


  1. christina that baby of yours is PRECIOUS!!!! he's getting so big!!! :)

  2. Awe, how adorable!! I just can't wait to kiss him and hug him in a few weeks.
    Hey, baby, Dad decided to stay home tonight so I didn't get to call back. Ugh. Sorry.

  3. What precious pictures!! He has the sweetest little face, I can't wait to see him! I love park days, they are so much fun. I'm glad you found a good one close to your house!