Thursday, May 20, 2010

A very scary thing

Isaac recently had his first REALLY sick episode. He ran fever for three days straight. On the first day, his fever spiked up to 103, which was when I really began to worry. Tylenol would reduce his fever, but never got rid of it, so on the third straight day of fever we reluctantly gave him motrin before he went to bed. Luckily, he woke up the next morning with only a very low grade fever which was completely gone by mid-morning. The odd part of all of this is that he didn't have any other symptoms. Not one. No runny nose, no cough, no reduced appetite... weird. Come to find out, his cousin, Greyson, suffers from the same nonsensical bouts of fever. Poor boys... us Rhodes's have weird genes. Isaac's being treated for an ear infection, but the doctor openly admitted that his ear was only "a little red". I, personally, don't think he had an infection, but what do I know?

Here's a picture of Isaac on his first day of fever. This was one of the rare moments in which he tolerated sitting rather than being held. He was so incredibely hot to the touch with fever that I decided to drape a cool wash cloth on his head. I fully expected him to yank it off and either toss it to the side or suck on it, but he actually seemed to appreciate it. Poor baby boy. Mama's so glad that you're feeling better!!

When your child is sick with no explanation, it's a very scary thing. Terrible thoughts of serious possible illnesses began racing through my mind as his fever persisted. I also had thoughts like "What will I do if he's seriously ill?", and "How can I ever live without him?". Yes, I know... dramatic. But I'm sure all the Moms out there can relate! Plus, I come by the worry-wartedness honestly. That's the Thurlkill in me. :)

Dear Lord, thank you so much for the blessing of our healthy, happy little boy.


  1. Yes, Greyson is definitely the high-fever type. He can't have a run-of-the-mill 101* fever. It is always at least 102* or higher. I was looking back at our first bout with it when Greyson was 4 months on my blog ( I remember being so scared. Not knowing if something was REALLY wrong or not made me a basketcase. I'm so glad that Issac is okay and that you are breathing easier now. Love you all!

  2. Hey, I had not known of babies just running fever without a known cause until we had Anna. She has done that since early infancy, sometimes just burning up one day and then the next day, fever gone. Cat's Dr. does not believe in giving un necessary antibiotics and he often tells Cat to wait 24 hours when the fever comes if it is not over 102 and so she doesn't always even take Anna in. We discussed this with the Doc when I was along for their well baby checks and he talked about a fever virus and how some children have unexplained fevers and to a certain extent, it is normal or at least not a cause for great concern. However, last week, Anna ran fever, Cat called the Dr., he concluded it was because she had just had her MMR shot and so after 4 days of 102 or more fever off and on, she took her in and she had strep throat. Sooo, I guess you can't be too careful, but we have all learned with Anna that fever one day does not mean she will be sick the next day. Glad that Isaac's better. Thanks for saying the worry gene is from the Thurlkills. Ha! Love, Aunt Lou

  3. Hey Missy- I don't know if you'll remember me or not- Katie. It's Butler now, but was Smith. Anyways I was thinking about you the other day and was looking through some pix of Julia (Wanger- I know she got married but I've forgotten already her married name-) anyways I saw a pix of Stephanie and thought it was you but soon discovered not you but stephanie which lead me on a search for you... I found a post from Stephanie's blog- I know probably stalker material that you had left which brought me to your blog! YEAH! How are you doing? You're little boy is so cute! I'm sorry he's been sick- sick babies are no fun! Anyways I just wanted to say hi and that I still think about you and wonder how you're doing-

  4. Wow, a post from Katie! How cool! Julia married Jason Leinen and they have two beautiful little girls. Jason is a full fledged doctor now. So, where are you? Are you married? Zup?
    From Christina and Stephanie's mom, aka Grandmomma.

  5. Hi, Katie!! I think of you, often, too. I actually tell stories about you and I to my students, and how we had nearly every class together our freshman year of HS. I've also told our "stop in the middle of the intersection cause the light turned yellow" story. Do you remember that? So funny! I'll be stalking you sometime soon, too, so be on the look out! :)