Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial marathon

Memorial weekend was a busy one for us Ritters, but so much fun! Friday night after work, we made the trek to my Granddad Thurlkill's beautiful home. He put us up both Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks so much for the feeding us and for sharing your home with us, Granddaddy. We so enjoyed getting to visit with you!

Saturday, we traveled to Ruston, La to attend my cousin Sarah's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding - very sweet. The reception was held at an historic Fire Station in down town Ruston and was just lovely. Great food, great fellowship, great fun. I especially loved the fact that her Middle Eastern heritage was honored at the reception through traditional wedding dances and traditional food. Brandon, and I enjoyed the music and dancing, as did Isaac! Here are some pictures of the beautiful bride, her groom and their guests at the wedding reception.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Carter

Catherine and David dancing.

Anna and Aunt Lou at her new best friend's wedding! ;)

Isaac LOVED the bubbles!

Have a wonderful honeymoon!

After the reception, Mom, Brandon, Isaac and I went to visit my sister-in-law's daughter, Sarah's, grave. We wanted to be sure to honor her memory on memorial day and left flowers for her on her grave. Sweet baby girl - I hope I get to meet you one day in Heaven.

In loving memory of Sarah Jean Cobb

Sunday morning was spent at the nursing home where my Granddad Rhodes now resides. It was so hard to see my Granddad in a wheelchair and looking so thin. Nothing like the strapping, tall Granddad that I've always known. He met Isaac for the first time and seemed to be so taken with him. It was really special to see his face light up with joy at the sight of our little boy. I'll never forget that day. Never.

Granddad Rhodes playing with Isaac

I love my Great-Grandmother!

Four generations of Rhodes'

Granddad Thurlkill working those little legs...

Four generations of Thurlkill's

Sunday afternoon, Brandon and I loaded up again to visit Brandon's cousin Phillip to celebrate his 30th birthday. Unfortunately, his birthday party was the same day as Sarah's wedding, but we still wanted to get out there to visit with Phillip, Dare and Hunter to celebrate this milestone with him. Thanks so much for having us - we love you guys!!

We always knew these two would be great buddies!

Thank you, dear Lord, for family. Thank you for those that are with us now, and for the memories of those that have gone to be with you.


  1. Thank you for thinking of my Sarah during your trip to Ruston... it means so much. And thank you for all the great pics of Jeremy and Sarah's wedding. I so wish we could have been there! Miss you guys and looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. what a busy memorial day trip! loved all the pics. your family is such a treasure.