Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isaac the adventurer

Ok, so I'm a terrible mother for not having blogged about this sooner. I should have posted this a week ago. But I guess later rather than sooner, right? Or... somethin' like that....

Now, onto the meat of the story. Our Isaac is crawling! It's been so fun getting to be around for this milestone, knowing that we truly have gotten to see him crawl for the first time. The whole process of this, well, it's happened in baby steps (no pun intended). The first day he crawled, we got two strides out of him, after which Brandon and I both had eyes brimming over with tears of pride. The second time he crawled, we got two more strides out of him, but had to wait a whole week in between sessions. The very next day, however, he was crawling everywhere. Although I will say that we were still having to do a bit of coaxing to get him to perform the deed. The video below required stacking one side of the living room with his favorite toys, Daddy, Mommy and Cooper. Nowadays, he's everywhere. He is curious about everything - pulling up on everything and pulling everything off of everything else! It's so fun to watch him get around the house and playing "I'm gonna get you!" with him. My favorite part of this game is listening to him squeal in delight as he "runs" away from Mommy. Ah... that boy is so stinkin' cute. But don't take my word for it... see for yourself!


  1. The kids LOVED watching this over and over! Thanks for posting it! Isaac is such a smart little boy. He got that needing two more strides so quickly! BTW, if/when #2 comes along, you'll think twice before encouraging this! :)

  2. Yeah!!! Isaac-----so cute! Aren't babies just the most fun? Especially when they're yours. You guys are so lucky and so is Isaac. Love you all, Aunt Lou

  3. Wow... I'm so happy you posted this!! I couldn't stop smiling (and my eyes are full of tears too, of course)! I've GOT to get over there & visit soon! Keep us posted...

  4. Oh, I could just kiss him and kiss him...he is such a beautiful boy...this is such precious footage....keep it safe, baby mine!