Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lucky me

It's fun to watch my boy getting to be bigger, stronger and more independent. He's crawling and creeping everywhere these days, eating more independently, waving, and "talking" all the time. I wasn't truly aware of how my perception of him has changed over the past ten months until tonight. I've gone from viewing him as this delicate little being to a rough and tumble little boy.

It was after tonight's bath that I was made aware of the shift in my perception of him. As I saw him all snuggled up in his towel, memories of him as a newborn swaddled in his blanket came rushing back. How tiny he used to be... and how he loved to cuddle with his Mommy. And it was then that I realized that he's still my precious, fragile, sweet baby boy... and that he always will be. No matter how big he gets and no matter how grown up he becomes, I know that there will always be moments - like the one tonight - that remind me of that teeny, tiny, newborn Isaac... and that I've been lucky enough to be his Mommy the whole time.

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  1. Oh my goodness what a breathtakingly beautiful little boy...you are so blessed, Baby mine.

    Can't wait to see you both next weekend......