Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Baby and a Shower

I have officially begun to realize that we will have a baby in September. WOW! What a huge responsibility... how incredibly exciting... I can't wait to meet him... I can't wait to kiss him... I cant' wait to tell him how much I love him! And what made me realize all of these things? A Johnson & Johnson no more tears commercial which, ironically, made me cry. I'm feeling him move around more and more these days as he grows bigger and stronger inside of me, and the miracle of pregnancy is overwhelming at times. A human forming inside of my body can ONLY be described as a miracle... and I cannot understand how someone could go through this process without seeing the perfect hands of God in it all. As my belly continues to swell and grow, I'm beginning to enjoy being pregnant more and more... mostly because it means that I'll get to meet our son that much sooner. And, even though he'll be perfect either way, I hope he has his Daddy's hair color! :)
Speaking of babies, I hosted a baby shower at our house for one of my good friends, Julissa, last weekend . There were 11 hostesses in all, which meant that we were able to get her the glider and ottoman that she'd registered for. The cute thing was that she didn't realize that it was her gift from us - she just thought that we'd set it up for her to use during the shower! When we told her it was her glider and ottoman, she got really excited!! There was a really good turn-out, and she got some really nice gifts. Best of all, the food was great, the company was great, and we all had a great time in fellowship with one another.

Juissa in her new glider

For those of you that don't know, I love to entertain. I love designing and creating the invitations, I love planning the menu, I love setting up the table for display of the food, and I LOVE having everyone over to visit. Baby showers are certainly one of my favorite events to plan because it is perfectly acceptable for all of the decor to be completely girly. AND you get to watch the guest of honor open all those precious gifts! Here are some snapshots of Julissa's very girly shower for her baby girl, Victoria.
A Living Room becomes a Cafe

Mmm.... finger foods...

Patty cake, patty cake... complete with a V for Victoria!

Shannon with her two adorable girls, Pheobe and Hannah.

I hereby raise my punch glass to good friends and good times.
Congratulations, Julissa!


  1. Oh Chris, what a beautiful shower!! You are very gifted. Where did you get the tables for your "cafe"? Those are really neat!

  2. I borrowed the tables and linens from Carol and Patsy. These are the same linens that I borrowed for us to use at your shower. Patsy also loaned me the ivory dishes on the food table. Both of them are very generous with their things, which I am very thankful for!