Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekends of Travel

Brandon and I have spent the past two weekends away from home. Memorial weekend was spent with my parents up in Bartlesville, Ok. We hadn't been there to visit my folks in quite some time, so it was really great to get up there to see them! We had a great time eating (and eating!), visiting and driving through some state parks. I can't wait to see them again at Petit Jean '09 (the Rhodes annual family reunion... I think this marks it's 26th year)! On the way home from our trip to B'ville, Brandon and I gave a first name to our baby boy: Isaac. As it stands now, his name will be Isaac Aiden Ritter, but we've not completely decided on the middle name as of yet. It's been fun calling him Isaac rather than "the baby". I can't wait to meet him!

This weekend was spent at the Ritter's lakehouse... just the two of us. It was relaxing and peaceful, as always. We enjoyed watching a movie, some Friends and Scrubs, cooking meals together and - of course - getting out on the water! No, I didn't do any wake-boarding... I promise! But I did get to drive my husband for several slolam and wake-boarding runs. For the most part, the driving was up to Brandon's standards, which is quite the accomplishment. :) Hopefully I managed to pick up a bit of color while at the lake. I'm looking rather translucent these days...

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  1. Yay for the new baby name!! Isaac is such a sweet one... glad you shared it with all of us! Sounds like everything is going well for you and Brandon. I know we've both been busy, so now that summer is almost here, let's get together sometime! :)