Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ebay is AWESOME!

I know, I know... I'm way behind the times. But did you guys know that ebay is AWESOME?!! Let me explain... I recently decided that I need a punch bowl. Those of you that know me will understand this random desire. So, I sat down on the couch and began my internet research thing, found what I wanted for the price I wanted, at Target. So I proceed to order it online, since it's not available in their stores. I was appalled when I got to the end of my checkout and found that the shipping on the punch bowl nearly DOUBLED the original cost of the thing! So after that huge disappointment, I set out on a search to find this punch bowl for less. After many an hour of searching elsewhere, I found nothing better. Upon expressing my frustration to Brandon, he suggested I try ebay. Now, I don't really know why I've always been worried about purchasing from ebay or amazon. It's silly, really... but nonetheless, I was worried to. I reluctantly followed my husband's advice, though, and sure enough, there's the punch bowl I'd been looking for, for half the price of the Target website! Needless to say, I'm waiting for my punch bowl to show up on my doorstep. And I got it for a steal! :)

My next story about ebay should be prefaced with this: I am a cheapskate. I do NOT like to spend a lot of money on things (in case you hadn't figured it out already). I was raised by, perhaps, the two most frugal people on the planet and wholeheartedly agree with the "frugal philosophy". I do not understand how or why people spend a fortune on impulse. Do a little research - find the best deal out there! Or, how about waiting a week or two - or a couple of months - for the item to go on sale? It's so rewarding when it does (and it almost always does)! If it doesn't go on sale for a reasonable price, then don't buy it. This is the way my husband and I live our lives. Being that both of us are teachers, this "frugal philosophy" comes in quite handy for us.

Now having established that I am a cheapskate, I need to let you in on something that completely contradicts that statement; I am a jeans snob. I admit it... I'm guilty! I spend lots of money on jeans! One of my best friends introduced me to the world of designer jeans, and I will never (unless necessary, of course) go back. What's so great about designer jeans you ask? They actually FIT! EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. I have become quite accustomed to my awesome fitting blue jeans and have been seriously frustrated with a search for properly fitting maternity jeans. Because of my frugal nature, I simply have had the hardest time justifying spending much money on maternity clothes. Yes, even for jeans... until I found ebay! I bought a pair of Citizens maternity jeans on Sunday for such a ridiculously low price on ebay- I can't wait for them to get here! I'll finally be able to walk around in awesome fitting jeans again... and feel super proud of my super duper frugal designer jeans expenditure! Ebay is AWESOME!!!!


  1. Ebay is awesome. So are craiglist's list and freecycle... I'm just sayin'. Finding a great deal is always nice. I'm glad you found yours for this week!

  2. Ebay is great...and guess what? Selling on ebay is even better than buying...b/c you are MAKING money!

    I sell all of the clothes Jadyn grows out of on ebay and I'm able to buy new clothes w/ that money! I started when she was a baby...the baby clothes are the BEST...keep that in mind :o)

  3. Yay for your fun finds! There certainly has been great advantage to being raised by frugal parents... I just hope I can pass along the same mentality.