Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've finally given in to all of your demands to start a blog!! I know that I absolutely love keeping up with my friends and families' blogs, so I suppose it's time to return the favor.

Here's a glimpse into the last six months of our lives together:
After a grueling 9 months on the market, we finally sold our wonderful home in Forney in order to get closer to work. We absolutely adored the house we'd built there, but after nearly three years, the long commute had finally taken it's toll on us. We'd been searching for months for a new home and had found nothing close to what we'd had in Forney. We found a home in Rowlett in an absolutely fabulous location and neighborhood that we loved but the neighborhood was, unfortunately, out of our price range. Our realtor pushed us to make an offer anyway and we were amazed when the builder accepted - with no changes - the ridiculously low offer we made! So, there went the building process all over again... but it was totally worth it. We're loving our new home and our SHORT drive to work every day! It's like a gift every time I get in the car and have a short 10-12 minute drive to work as opposed to the 40-45 minute commute -ONE WAY- that we used to face from Forney each day. Now, a mere five minutes from our house, are all of the shopping and conveniences you could ask for. Like I said, we're loving it here and are so thankful that God blessed us with the sale of our previous home, and the financial means to build again. Thank you, Lord!

Our New Home

Shortly after spending Christmas in our new home, we found out that we are expecting our first baby. We couldn't be more excited! Recently armed with the knowledge that we are having a boy, we made a trip to the library where we checked out numerous baby name books. We quickly came home and confidently began our name search in earnest, bouncing names off of each other right and left, each of us making a list of our favorite names (at least those not veto-ed by the other). Alas, after hours of searching and crossing name after name off each of our lists, baby boy Ritter is...... still nameless. We have managed to narrow the search down to just four names, but love all of them so much that we can't seem to choose just one! We may have to resort to a poll on our blog at some point and have you guys help us make the final decision but, for now, we are continuing to sleep on it. For the time being, we're simply calling him "our baby boy". Here are some sonogram pictures of our baby boy - the first is an attempt by the sonographer to get a profile shot. He was so busy turning over and rolling around that she had a hard time getting this picture! He actually had his legs up over his head as she took it. The second picture is taken from underneath his legs and his "mark of manliness" is in plain sight between them. :)

Profile of our baby boy

Can you make out the boy??

Our baby boy is one of the biggest reasons I've decided to jump into the blogging world. I figured now's the time to figure out how all of this stuff works so that when he finally arrives, we'll know exactly how to post all of those adorable pictures we'll be taking of him. And, prior to his arrival, we can share equally fascinating photos of his nursery and my ever-expanding belly. I suppose a picture or two of my amazing husband would be in order as well! Here's the handsome devil himself.

Brandon with our precious nephew, Sam

More to come...


  1. So good to "see" you! I love the sonogram pics. My first glimpse of my newest nephew... I lov you all!

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you decided to start a blog! Your house is beautiful, I can't wait to see it in person. I love your brick. I wish we had a choice like that one! And I love the sonogram pics. He has your nose :) Man, I can barely remember when Sam was that small... it goes so quickly. Love you!!

  3. Love the blog! I don't know how to do blogging myself. You'll have to teach me how when I come home this summer. It will be a short one - 4-5 weeks and I'll have to be back already. Be prepared, I'll be asking you a million questions about teaching elementary school music :). See you soon! Love, Alicia & Bella

  4. It's about time you started a blog, Chris!

    Now...where are the belly pics???!!!???