Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our baby boy's room

Decorating is one of my favorite things in the world, so I'm very excited about putting our baby boy's room together. We've picked out his crib and have also purchased a dresser and night stand that we intend to paint an espresso color to match the crib. And, in keeping with our "frugal philosophy", the dresser and nightstands were purchased for just $60 on craigslist- and they're in GREAT condition. I found a mirror to hang over the dresser for a great price at Kirklands, which wound up being the perfect size for the dresser.

My Mom (Grandmama) bought the rocking chair for us that we'd picked out, so we're almost set on his furniture. Thanks so much, Mom, for our awesome rocking chair! :)

We've also picked out the fabrics that our baby boy's bedding will be made of. Both fabrics match the rocking chair very nicely, so everything really seems to be coming together!

One of my friends told me about a custom baby bedding website - it has some of the CUTEST bedding on it, as well as quite a large selections of fabrics. I found a bedding design on there that I really love and hope to copy. Luckily, I have a Mom that can make ANYTHING by just looking at a picture, and she's going to make our bedding for us! Here's the bedding style that we intend to copy... can't wait to see what it looks like with our fabrics!

I'll be sure to post pictures of his room as we make progress. As you've seen from the pictures, we have the unpainted furniture and mirror, rocking chair and full size bed in the room, but really haven't started turning it into a nursery quite yet. We'll hit it hard once summer gets here and we have some time on our hands. Hopefully I'll be able to help out with all the sanding and painting of the furniture - I'm excited to get started!

Speaking of getting started, my belly seems to be starting quite a growth spurt.

My students seem to have a different remark for my belly every day. Things like, "Mrs. Ritter, your stomach is getting soooo big!" or "You're huge!", and numerous other statements that a woman longs to hear. :) I really don't remember being very interested when my teachers were having babies. I was certainly happy for them, but didn't really talk to them about it. My students seem genuinely excited about our baby, though, which is very special to me. I've had some of these kids for three years now, watching them grow from tiny sixth graders to awkward 7th graders and on to young adult 8th graders. I feel like a Mom to them in a way. In fact, I don't ever call them "my students" the way I did earlier in this paragraph. I call them my kids. So I really can't help but smile at all of the belly rubs and funny comments... even when they include the word "huge".


  1. Aw, your belly is SO cute! And the nursery is going to be awesome. Can't wait to help put it all together!

  2. Okay, Chris, I need to make a week long appointment with you (and your decorating-loving self) to decorate MY house. Your frugal, simple, and stylish sense is in GREAT need! (Steph can come and help too.) I'm not talking right away, I'll give you until next summer... :) Okay, I'm joking, or half-joking because I do need the help! Oh yeah, don't forget to pick out fabrics for swaddling blankets! PS - love the baby bump AND the cheesy grin in the last pic... Love you!

  3. OH wow! Look at you!!! You look BEAUTIFUL and so happy!!!!! I love it!

  4. Mel, you know I'd LOVE to come and help with anything you want to do in your house! It'd give us a great reason to come up for another visit. We'd have a blast! I just have one question: Can we go back to the all you can eat sushi place? Pretty please??

  5. So cute…. what a lovely post on Boys Bedding!! I too have recently shopped at Spacify for them