Thursday, April 30, 2009

The new ebay stuff's here! The new ebay stuff's here!

Yesterday, I was so excited to come home and find that my punch bowl had arrived! Brandon beat me home and had it all set up on the island for me to find when I came in to the kitchen. It's sooo pretty! Can you believe that I got this baby for less than $30, including shipping?

Today when I got home from work, I ran into my new jeans... literally! Brandon beat me home again today (which, by the way, almost NEVER happens) and had them hanging inside the laundry room door for me to find when I got home. I know... he's a keeper. :) Anyways, they fit great! Can't wait to get them hemmed so I can start wearing them. :)

I wonder if the mail fairy will bring me something fun tomorrow... best not get too greedy. :)


  1. THAT is a pretty punch bowl! and you look like a sexy prego ad! (which really confused me before I was prego and wanted to look sexy :) Good buys!

  2. Love your stuff! I'll have to borrow that punch bowl sometime :) Lookin' good in your jeans too!!

  3. Look at that hot mama!! haha I've got to be better about updating my blog like you!! I'm loving your page & pretty pics! Miss you too!! :)